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 S.O.S Computing, Computer repair Shop Leyland. Phone Repair Tablet Repair

sos computing leylandS.O.S Computing computer repair shop is situated 33 Turpin green lane, Leyland.

Computer Desktop Laptop and Apple repair services.

Phone repair for all brands of phones most popular is Apple iPhone repair Samsung Repair we repair all brands of phones.

Tablet repairs such as Apple iPad repair and Samsung tab repair and many other brands

SOS Computing also known as Laptop repair Leyland have over 16 years in the computer repair industry with having great knowledge in the computer repair sector.

Our previous business helped other computer shops in the local area with their apple mac repairs and motherboard repairs, computer repair.

Cutting out the middlemen we decided to open SOS Computing so we could offer better service and value to our customers directly instead of getting charged by a 3rd party.

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On a daily basis, our computer repair shop can repair all types of windows based machines including desktop repair,  Laptops, and tablets as well as carrying out android and apple I.O.S software and hardware repair.

SOS Computers – Computer Shop In Leyland.

sos computing leylandSOS Computing’s computer repair shop based in Leyland was designed and laid out as an opened planned shop/workshop,

Our customers can see their Desktop repair phone repair or ipad repair being worked on.

They can see how we work, ask about what we’re doing and see for themselves the progress of their Phone Tablet computer repair.

We found by laying out the shop like this our customers enjoy watching their machines come back to life.

Customers like the fact we don’t work behind closed doors.

Want to be more involved with our work? see the work that’s being carried out We can explain parts that are needed, explain what certain parts do while answering any questions at the same time.

We like people to be as interested and enthusiastic as we are about repairing their computer tablet or phone.

If any of our customers wish to watch their machines being repaired we can arrange this on request at the end of each repair we offer a quick example of what we’ve done and also give them advice on how to avoid their machines breaking down again.

SOS Computing Leyland’s Repair Services:

Computer_RepairComputer Repair Services.

Apple Repair Services.apple_logo

Mobile Phone Repair Services.

  • All Makes inc iPhone repair, Samsung Galaxy Tab repair, Nokia Phone Repair, All other models of Screen Repair.
  • Mobile Phone Battery Replacement.
  • Charging Ports and Charging Issues.
  • Phone Backup and Recovery.
  • Antenna WiFi and connection issues.

Why Choose Us?

  • Computers repaired down to component level. Specializing in circuit board repair, Mainboard, and Motherboard repair.
  • Many years in the electronic and technical industry, SOS Computing can offer a very fast amazing service basing our computer repair services on a worry-free policy that works out highly cost-effective to all home users.
  • Offering the best customer service to our customers is important to us or pride is giving our customers the best service.
  • Word of mouth is the best for any business, SOS Computing has a huge Returning customer base.
  • Over 5,000 likes on social media pages like Facebook.
  • Over 30 trade computer shops using our advice or services as customers.
  • Fair Price or Price match on repairs.
  • Free call-out service and free collection service and 90% of the time same-day repair service.

Value for services makes us leaders in computer repair.

We hope we’re the best, Our strong will to do our best, Going above beyond is what we do. For this, we have many returning customers.

Common faults repaired same day:

Laptop repair screen repair power socket replacement dc jack charger Issues virus removal software problems repaired same day.

If parts in stock we can have your desktop computer or laptop up and ready within a couple of hours.

Ordering replacement computer parts, repair time added, 24-48 hrs.

Beware of computer shops claiming they do motherboard repair, motherboard repair is a specialist repair not a typical computer shop repair.

You can find us on:     Custom Built Computers

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